• AshWolf Forever

    Hello again,

    I've been checking in now and again, and after some experice with my personal wiki (the one focused on my own stories), I've learned how to do some things that might help the community out. 

    1. Infobox templates.

    It's possible to create templates for specific things rather than just use the basic one. The template already has the "questions" filled in, an editor just needs to fill in the answers. I've copied some of the ones I use for use here to make things easier to use.

    2. Article Layout Preloads

    It's possible to make preloads that load an already laid out article for a given title. I can add some if they would help. Not fully sure as there's still some hiccups with mine, but they do make adding new pages faster. So far I've add…

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  • AshWolf Forever


    August 30, 2015 by AshWolf Forever

    I am glad to see new editors on the wiki, thank you for your contributions. You've no doubt noticed I'm not very active here. This is because I've found I tend to clean up articles and such more than needs be, and I am not as knowledgeable as others about this wiki's topic. I do worry about incorrect info being added but honestly everyone should know to take wiki's with a grain of salt (not accept everything is truth).

    So I will be coming on at most to check and see if things are still active, and if anyone who has the knowledge and time would like to take over please let me know. Thank you.


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