Butcher Boy is a Gelada Baboon, and one of the "Destroyers from the Desert" alongside Nero and Chiller.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Butcher Boy has an appearance of a white, red-faced baboon, about the size of Kimba.


Much like Chiller and Nero, Butcher Boy doesn't have much respect towards other animals. He seems to be the most talkative and demanding out of the group, often seen either giving orders towards Kimba's friends, or towards Chiller and Nero.


In Kimba the White LionEdit

Butcher Boy only appears once in the series, alongside Chiller and Butcher Boy, in the episode "Destroyers from the Desert". Upon arriving to Kimba's jungle, he was the first to confront Kimba, and soon gets Chiller to fight him. During this, her joins in, and knocks Kimba down with one hit, defeating him easily. Upon revealing what happened to Kimba towards the animals in the jungle, and basically took over for a long while until Kimba returns. Butcher Boy commands Nero to try to beat Kimba, but only ends up failing, and was soon defeated himself.

In Jungle EmperorEdit

His role in the film mirrors that in the TV series, with a few minor differences (him arriving on Nero's back for example, while in the series walks alongside him).