Panja (or Caesar as he was known in the English dub) is the father of Kimba and ruler of the jungle. He was killed by hunters while attempting to rescue his mate before his son, Kimba was born.


Panja makes his first appearance in episode 1 of 1966 Kimba the White Lion. His hide is seen in one episode of Onward, Leo, and he reprises his original role in 1989 "The New Adventures of Kimba".  The only Jungle Emperor related animation in which he ever lived to see his son born is the 2009 special "Jungle Emperor: the Brave Will Change the Future".    

Jungle Emperor (Manga) Edit

Panja was mentioned throughout the manga series and seen in flashbacks. He even had a rival in Claw who wanted the jungle as much as Panja does. However, as seen in both versions, Panja dies before Kimba was born.

Kimba the White Lion (1966)Edit

In this version, Panja was named Caesar and makes a few appearances in flashbacks, he even got a few mentions throughout the series. However, Panja was Claw's rival who slashed out his left eye in a duel for both the Jungle throne and Snowene's paw in marriage.

The New Adventures of Kimba the White Lion (1989) Edit

Like the previous two versions of the series, Panja was killed trying to rescue Eliza, who was pregnant with Kimba. It is mentioned in an episode where Panja took Bubu's eye during a dual, and in one the Jungle. He was a rival to Marody besides Claw as heard in "Episode 6:The Warning"

Jungle Emperor: The Brave Can Change the Future (2009) Edit

As this film has no official English dub, his name remains Panja. He is shown as a wise ruler of the neo jungle and a stern father to Leo. He fought Claw for territory once before meeting Eliza. Unfortunately he was killed by a hunter saving both Leo,Toto and Kenichi.

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  • Panja's role as deceased predecessor has been similar to Mufasa's in The Lion King. In the 1989 series, his role is similar to Riki's in Ginga Nagareboshi Gin.