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Kimba (Leo)Kitty (Lyra)LukioRune (Lune), Dan'l Baboon (Buzara), Pauley Cracker (Coco), Bucky (Tommy)Caesar (Panja)Snowene (Eliza), Viper Snakely (Ham Egg), Roger Ranger (Kenichi), Mary, Mr. Pompous (Dr. Mustache), Leona (Riona), Pagoola, SamsonSpecklerex, Harvey Hedgehog, Dodie, Geraldine, Mrs. Hippo and Tiny Hippo, Speedy (Bongo), Dash, Dot, Dinky, Charley, HarleyPeck, Muffy, Scratch Baboon, Gypsy, Peewee, Gruff, Clunker, Floppo, Benny, Big Ben, Claw (Bubu)Cassius (Toto), The Mammoth (Earth Mother), Kapi, Tom (Dick) and Tab (Bo)

1989 Series Characters

Kimba (Leo), Kitty (Lyra), Bucky (Tommy), Coco (Pauly Cracker), Roger Ranger (Kenichi), Mr. Pompous (Dr. Mustache), Viper Snakely (Ham Egg), Caesar (Panja), Snowene (Eliza), Claw (Bubu), Cassius (Toto), Kerusago, Marody, Keruru & Amaji, Myu, Masa, Bob, Gibo, Silver, Garu, Pagoola, Bizo, Leona (Riona), Conga, Kutter, Speedy (Bongo), Crave, The Mammoth (Earth Mother), Vulture, Charley, Harley, Kapi, Elder Dolf, Sierra, Mawula, Rolo, Cheetah Boss, Wildebeest

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