Fancy Prancy is a Cheetah that was adopted by humans then returned to the jungle. She is the sister of Dash.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Fancy Prancy is golden cheetah with a large hat and bow on her tail.


Fancy Prancy comes off a spoiled city girl. She does care about her brother, but is unwilling to settle for jungle life.


In Kimba the White LionEdit

Fancy Prancy2

Fancy Prancy appears in The Return of Fancy Prancy, and starts off by scolding the other animals for "bullying" Speedy. She then goes home and reunites with her parents, but is disgusted with their home. Some other cheetah admirers offer to build her a new home, which just happens to be under the tree the cubs play on. A conflict rises and Dan'l tries to intervene. Later, she loosens up after Kimba rescues Speedy.


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