Kurosaji (sometimes called Uncle Rhino) is an old black rhinoceros

Appearance Edit

He is a charcoal-colored Black Rhino with a white beard, and eyebrows, He also has a long horn.

Personality Edit

He is an old and wise and is like a mentor to Leo.

Description Edit

He is an old rhino in Panja's forest, and was a close friend and ally of Panja. Kurosaji first appeared in Episode 5 Homeland, where he meets Leo and Laiya at the river when the jungle is on fire.

In Episode 13, He revealed that he had a friend who went to see the Earth Mother, by climbing Mount Moon, but his friend got frozen.

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Trivia Edit

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  • In the 1997 film, there's another Rhino by the name Uncle Rhino (who was later shot by Ham Egg), but it is unknown if it's the same one and most likely isn't.