It seems that no animal has inspired the imagination of man more than the Lion(Panthera leo) (Pronounciation: pan-THUR-uh LEE-oh). Characterised as fearsome, courageous and majestic, the lion’s strength and ferocity has earned it the title of ‘King of the Beasts’ in many cultures. As one of the largest of the ‘big cats’, the lion is built to prey on animals many times its size, its strong jaws and muscular build emanating an image of sheer power. Male lions are larger than females and typically posses a mane of hair around their heads, a feature unique amongst the cat family (the Felidae). The rest of the coat is short and tawny in colour for both sexes, paler on the underside, without markings. The backs of the ears and the tuft of hair at the tip of the tail are dark brown or black. Lion cubs are born with brown rosettes that disappear with maturity, although some lions retain faint spots. Lions are the most social cat, with related females living together in prides and males forming coalitions.

In the Universe Edit

In the 1966 Series, the 1993 dub, The 1989 series, Lions are respected in the jungle. Minor Lion prides tend to have more male Lions rather than female lionesses.

In Episode 14 Journey through time, Lions used to have spots, when they get to the savannah, they lose their spots.

In some episodes various male or female lions appear.

In Jungle Emperor: The Brave Can Change the Future (2009), Eliza's flashback where she is transported to Neo Jungle, a pride of male and female lions were seen, Various other Lions were seen fighting on the animals' side against Kenzou Ooyama's security.

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