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    Marody is a Barbary Lion and appears in the "New Adventures of Kimba the White Lion" released in 1989, making his first appearance during Episode 12. He is a fearless leader that houses his Pride a top of a large cliff which all of his followers call "Marody's Cliff" in the anime. During his first appearance, Marody discourages his Grandson's Keruru & Amaji from bullying Leo when he brings a bird family to the cliff for safety. 
  • Marody tends to have shown to be a rival to Leo's father Panja in the series and often tells Leo this multiple times. Regardless of Marody's unknown rivalry towards Panja in the anime; he still treats Leo with respect but does acknowledge each time Leo is on his cliff as being "out of his territory". 
  • It is unknown how large Marody's pride is in the anime but it is mentioned that Barbary lions are rare, thus they are often saught by men/poachers. 
  • His name could also be translated as "Malady".

Barbary LionsEdit

  • In the 1989 anime all older (fully mature) barbary lions seen have the darker grey/charcoal/black pelts with cream colored manes. The only barbary lions that appear to have variations from this would be Marody's Grandson's Keruru & Amaji (cubs) whom carry the dark pelt and brown manes.


  1. All infromation has been gathered from watching the subbed 1989 The New Adventures of Kimba the White Lion anime. Some information may be false or not clearly known.