Nero is a large bull elephant, and one of the "Destroyers from the desert", alongside Chiller and Butcher Boy.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Nero is a large, old bull elephant, appearing to have some sort of fur evident on his ears.


Nero barely has any respect towards other animals. Despite being the leader of the group, Nero is almost silent, letting Butcher Boy and Chiller do the talking for him while he watches on.


In Kimba the White LionEdit

Nero only makes one appearance, within the episode "Destroyers from the Desert". Upon arriving to Kimba's jungle, Nero made the finishing blow on Kimba (Or rather, stomped on the ground to make Kimba loose his balance), before going off into the jungle and taking over. upon Kimba's return, Nero fights him again with the help of Butcher Boy, but he too was defeated alongside his companions.

In Junlge EmperorEdit

His role within the film mirrors that in the TV series.